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Audi Turbo Units

What is a turbocharger?

Turbochargers recycle the energy produced by automobile engines, transforming more of the fuel energy consumed into power by creating less wasteful heat and friction. As a result, turbocharged engines deliver significant fuel savings over their naturally aspirated counterparts.

What are the symptoms of turbocharger failure?

Common signs of a faulty turbocharger include:
  • Poor acceleration
  • Grey/blue smoke from the exhaust
  • Engine management light on dashboard
  • Lack of boost
  • Loud shrieking noise
  • Engine losing oil
Get in touch with our friendly customer service team if you need help with the diagnosis.

What does the turbocharger replacement service include?

Complete installation of turbocharger with necessary gasket:
  • Vehicle service with new oil and oil filter
  • Post installation vehicle diagnostics check

Why should I use MKL Motors to replace my turbocharger?

Most qualified mechanics will be able to perform a turbocharger replacement. However, here at MKL Motors we not only source high quality turbochargers, our experienced engineering team regularly perform turbocharger replacements on an almost daily basis. And with a workshop that is specifically geared to performing the necessary work, you can be confident that MKL Motors are the right company to handle all of your turbocharger related services.
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