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Used Engines

Used Engines

Used Engines or otherwise known as second hand engines, are taken from vehicles which could have been scrapped, written off, accident damaged etc. The Used Engines are fully functional and ready to be sold on to fit into compatible vehicles (unless otherwise stated). The Used Engines industry is vast, and has helped many owners find alternative parts for their otherwise non functioning vehicles.

High Quality Used Engines for Sale:

Here at MKL Motors we have a strong focus on offering two things:

- A high quality product
- An exceptional customer service experience

So for all your Used Engines requirements please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Used Engines Components:

Used engines or second hand units are supplied generally BARE, which means the head and block.

Ancillaries are not included unless otherwise stated.

This is pretty standard in the supply of engines and should help customers reduce their cost outlay by paying for what is necessary

Used Engines Fitting Process:

When a customer buys a used engine or second hand unit, the receiving mechanic will receive the used engine as a head and block (unless otherwise stated).

The mechanic / fitter (who should be technically specialised in engine fitting) would generally proceed to fit the used engine into the vehicle, moving the ancillaries (fully functional) onto the receiving used engine.

It is very important when the fitter engages in the fitting process to ensure that the ancillaries are fully functional otherwise they could cause damage to the used engine and void the warranty.