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DPF Regeneration

DPF Regeneration

What is a DPF?

The Diesel Particulate Filter is in the exhaust system of all diesel powered vehicles since 2009. It is a very important component that is designed to enable cars to pass the increasingly tough emission regulations. The DPF’s job is to trap those diesel particulates thereby preventing harmful smoke from being pumped into the air.

Why it goes wrong:

Like any filter, the DPF will gradually get clogged up with all the soot it traps. Vehicles are designed to clean it by heating it up and turning into ash which it can expel from the exhaust. But if you get caught in a lot of stop/start traffic or short journeys like most of us then the DPF regeneration may not complete properly.

Why not remove the DPF?

In recent years many have just simply had their DPF’s removed. But as of February 2014, any vehicle which has a DPF removed is an MOT failure.

What we offer

Here at MKL Motors we offer a safe, clean, chemical-free DPF regeneration service:

1) The filter is first removed and a visual inspection is carried out.
2) The filter is then placed into the kiln for a 12 hour cycle of 3 operations:

– 4 hours heat cycle to 450 degrees
– 4 hours heat treatment cycle up to 850 degrees
– 4 hours cooling down period

3) The filter is then removed from the kiln and high pressure air blades and vacuum is used to remove the remaining ash.
4) Finally ultra violet crack detection is then carried out to insure there are no internal cracks

As well as offering DPF collection and delivery services, we also offer our clients full supply and fitting services for a complete headache free procedure.