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Google Launches an Artwork Designing Contest for Its Innovative Autonomous Cars

Monthly Archives: June 2015

Google Launches an Artwork Designing Contest for Its Innovative Autonomous Cars

While Google’s innovative self-driving cars are set to thrill the market by the year 2020, the giant is continuously trying to bring in more innovations to introduce a highly cherished car. Recently, Google has announced a new program called “Paint the Town” that is aimed to give an innovative appearance to the most-awaited self-driving car. Google believes the program can turn the car into a public art, reflecting individual’s artistic persona.

The theme of the program is “My Community, My Theme” and the giant wants the people to design their choice artwork focused on the given theme, the company does also gives an indication to consider using landscape, people, and objects. And the committee will choose about ten art pieces to be embossed on the car. Most interestingly, the contestants will have an opportunity to take a ride on the car to have more information. Google’s initiative to bring in artistic facets to its innovative car is in line with introducing multi-colored art car to the people.

As per the terms and conditions, the contestants should be aged at 13 or above and they must be Californians. In addition, no text, and trademarked images will be entertained. The deadline has been set from July 11 to August 30 for the submission of art pieces.

With an objective to join the fleet of self-driving cars from Toyota and Lexus, Google is continuously trying its best to gather data and information over the hindrances faced by self-driving vehicles. To help the contestants, Google is planning to hold a session for sharing information in Mountain View in coming days.

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New Land Rover Smartphone App for Thrilled-Packed Driving Experience

If you have a fascination for the Bond-style car driving after watching ‘Tomorrow Never Dies,’ the new Land Rover mobile phone application is here to let you drive your Land Rover with remote-control and self-driving technology. The experts have presented an idea to integrate the technology with smartphones so as to make it more convenient and user-friendly.

The archetype mechanism will allow you to make use of the application to take control over steering, braking, and accelerating even though you are not driving the car from inside. The speed of the car has been limited to 4mph in order to check if the technology works properly, and the smartphone needs to be accessible within a limited range of 10ft.

As the engineers believe, it can be helpful for drivers in several ways. They can get out of the car and check any obstacles as they move the steers. On the other hand, they can also check some other technical things from outside using the mobile phone application. Currently, the application runs on bluetooth and the ‘Multi-Point-Turn’ technology, which lets you move it 180 degree easily and conveniently.

Though such kind of technology was envisioned much before in 1997 in a James Bond movie ‘Tomorrow Never Dies,’ we all hope the technology will soon hit the automobile market. The technology is said to be compatible with all types of new Land Rover engines. Some of the reconditioned engines are being advanced in such a way that they can get acquainted with the latest technology.

A Report Reveals How Safe Google’s Self-Driving Car is

Google’s self-driving cars have continually been creating buzz in the automobile market for the last 6 years when the giant started its highly appreciated project. It is naturally an important thing for car lovers to know how safe such advanced cars are.

In an attempt to provide the people with updates on the project, Google is nowadays providing monthly reports on how safe the car is. As Google has revealed nearly twelve minor accidents have been registered so far all through more than 1.8 million miles of self-driving and manual driving collectively. And the report outlines an operative sentence “Not once was the self-driving car the cause of the accident.”

As per the reports disclosed by Google, the accidents include one happened in the year 2010 when Google Prius was being handled manually on Central Expressway. In addition to the examples, another accident took place in 2015 which was an example of the dynamics between self-directed and manual mode of driving.

Google claims in its monthly report that 6 of the 12 minor accidents tool place when the car was in self-driving mode. And on the other hand, other 6 accidents were caused because of staffers’ fault.

As per the reports, it is worth to know that the rate of accidents caused by Google’s self-driving cars has lowered drastically in 2015 when compared to the accidents happened in last 5 years.

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