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Google Launches an Artwork Designing Contest for Its Innovative Autonomous Cars

Google Launches an Artwork Designing Contest for Its Innovative Autonomous Cars

While Google’s innovative self-driving cars are set to thrill the market by the year 2020, the giant is continuously trying to bring in more innovations to introduce a highly cherished car. Recently, Google has announced a new program called “Paint the Town” that is aimed to give an innovative appearance to the most-awaited self-driving car. Google believes the program can turn the car into a public art, reflecting individual’s artistic persona.

The theme of the program is “My Community, My Theme” and the giant wants the people to design their choice artwork focused on the given theme, the company does also gives an indication to consider using landscape, people, and objects. And the committee will choose about ten art pieces to be embossed on the car. Most interestingly, the contestants will have an opportunity to take a ride on the car to have more information. Google’s initiative to bring in artistic facets to its innovative car is in line with introducing multi-colored art car to the people.

As per the terms and conditions, the contestants should be aged at 13 or above and they must be Californians. In addition, no text, and trademarked images will be entertained. The deadline has been set from July 11 to August 30 for the submission of art pieces.

With an objective to join the fleet of self-driving cars from Toyota and Lexus, Google is continuously trying its best to gather data and information over the hindrances faced by self-driving vehicles. To help the contestants, Google is planning to hold a session for sharing information in Mountain View in coming days.

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