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New Land Rover Smartphone App for Thrilled-Packed Driving Experience

New Land Rover Smartphone App for Thrilled-Packed Driving Experience

If you have a fascination for the Bond-style car driving after watching ‘Tomorrow Never Dies,’ the new Land Rover mobile phone application is here to let you drive your Land Rover with remote-control and self-driving technology. The experts have presented an idea to integrate the technology with smartphones so as to make it more convenient and user-friendly.

The archetype mechanism will allow you to make use of the application to take control over steering, braking, and accelerating even though you are not driving the car from inside. The speed of the car has been limited to 4mph in order to check if the technology works properly, and the smartphone needs to be accessible within a limited range of 10ft.

As the engineers believe, it can be helpful for drivers in several ways. They can get out of the car and check any obstacles as they move the steers. On the other hand, they can also check some other technical things from outside using the mobile phone application. Currently, the application runs on bluetooth and the ‘Multi-Point-Turn’ technology, which lets you move it 180 degree easily and conveniently.

Though such kind of technology was envisioned much before in 1997 in a James Bond movie ‘Tomorrow Never Dies,’ we all hope the technology will soon hit the automobile market. The technology is said to be compatible with all types of new Land Rover engines. Some of the reconditioned engines are being advanced in such a way that they can get acquainted with the latest technology.

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