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Citroen Dispatched 2012 2.0 Diesel Engine Replacement and Fitting

Citroen Dispatched 2012 2.0 Diesel Engine Replacement and Fitting

A commercial client of ours came to us with a vehicle of theirs that had suffered from engine failure. Typically with the nature of the usage of commercial vehicles you will find that they cover a great deal of mileage in a very short period of time. We often find that as a result of the heavy usage of these vehicles, the issues are not likely to be restricted to the engine alone, and that we would uncover a number of problems that would need to be rectified.

We have always stressed changing oil and oil filter at least every 5,000 miles to keep your vehicle running in good health. However, with commercial vehicles we would actually recommend changing the oil at least every 3,000 miles to cope of with the huge number of miles that they cover.

citroen dispatch with engine failure

With most commercial vehicles the front end needs to be removed in order to effectively replace the engine.

citroen dispatch front bumper removed

Once the engine was removed, we then build up the replacement engine with the clients bolt on ancillaries before installation

citroen dispatch engine due for installation

citroen dispatch engine installed

Once the engine is fully installed we can begin the testing procedures and identify if there are any additional faults in the vehicle.

engine installation work being completed

The turbocharger and battery were found to be faulty and needed replacing. 3 of the 4 injectors reported faults from the diagnostics check and also required replacing. If there are additional repairs that require attention on your vehicle always get into the habit of asking your repairer for reports where possible so that you can get a better understanding of what went wrong in your vehicle.

citroen dispatch with problematic injectors

Finally once the installation is fully completed, we always make sure we take the vehicle out for a minimum of 3 long test drives before releasing the vehicle back to our customer.

citroen dispatch full installation complete

Testing is complete, customer is happy 🙂

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