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Land Rover Discovery TD5 Engine Replacement and Fitting

Land Rover Discovery TD5 Engine Replacement and Fitting

Mr Aubrey recently came to us with a Land Rover Discovery TD5 with some engine trouble. As this is one of the older Discovery’s we were expecting to receive a vehicle in pretty tired condition to be honest. Clearly not this one though!

Land Rover Discovery


Bodywork and interior were both in excellent condition. Clearly very well maintained and we weren’t surprised to find a Land Rover enthusiasts invitation inside 🙂

Once we got down to stripping the engine we found that it had suffered damage to each of the cylinders. Because of the age of the vehicle this is more likely as a result of general wear as opposed to any specific parts failure.

td5 engine

We replaced the cylinder block, reconditioned the engine, installed a new turbo, water pump, and glow plugs. It now starts and runs like a dream!

The TD5’s are one of the remaining vehicles out there that still have that raw power.

If you would like a quote for an engine rebuild or just need some general advice please do not hesitate to get in touch with us on 0208 133 6004

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