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Silicon Valley Aims at Reinventing Automobile Industry

Silicon Valley Aims at Reinventing Automobile Industry

Silicon Valley has a new objective to reinvent the auto industry with new and innovative ideas. Over the last few years, we have witnessed some innovative announcements from IT giants like Google and Apple. Self-driving car project and Android Auto from Google and CarPlay form Apple has given some indications of the potential changes in automobile technology. With an impressive integration of software and connectivity, Silicon Valley is doing a pretty job for the automobile industry.

When the term “connected car” is coined today, advanced applications like maps, better navigation and streaming internet radio may dominate your imagination. But you need to know more. The actual prospective of the latest connected cars is somewhat more worthy to know than a few applications which are making news. In its place, it will principally be powered by software and automobile technology, and Silicon Valley appears to be much optimistic about the future of such connected cars in coming days.

The world of advanced mobile phones, before the time iPhone was introduced, was very alike to the automobile world in 2015. “Smart” mobile phones were powered by technology like internet connectivity, a browser, email and others. But it got real and impressive revolution when Apple and Google introduced their platforms for smartphones, which in the long run helped the people find their solutions in their handsets.

With the growing trends of connected cars, it is understood that the future connected cars would be hugely driven by an integrated software system. The cars would be technically capable of talking to your home keep it informing at your arrival. In addition, your connected car would be talking of car maintenance by recommending the best mechanic available in nearby location.

With increasing popularity of reconditioned engines, the automobile industry is really passing through a reinvention era. So many things are ready to happen in the industry.

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