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BMW 525D 3.0 Diesel Engine replacement and fitting

BMW 525D 3.0 Diesel Engine replacement and fitting

Mr Barry Tootill came to us with a BMW 525D 3.0 diesel which had suffered from timing chain failure and needed an engine replacement.

Whenever we complete an engine replacement we typically recommend replacing the thermostat, glow plugs, water pump and timing kit on diesel vehicles. If any of these components are not working correctly, they can potentially cause damage to the engine. These components can be difficult to replace while the engine is inside the vehicle so its certainly a good opportunity to get those replaced while the engine is out particularly because they are not expensive.

As engine replacement specialists, most of our clients typically require vehicle recovery as did Mr Tootill. Because we use our recovery guys on a regular basis, we can get vehicle recovery done at very competitive prices. 

BMW 525d delivered

Once the vehicle is on the ramp we get to work right away

BMW 525D engine due to be removed

Its always good practice to remove the bumper from the vehicle before engine removal to avoid any unnecessary damage from happening

BMW 525D engine due to be removed

In this instance we had a rebuilt engine was already prepped and ready to be fitted

Rebuilt BMW 525D engine

We then build up the engine with the customers bolt on components

Rebuilt BMW 525D built up

The plate that separates the engine and gearbox was broken unfortunately and needed to be replaced

engine gearbox plate damaged

Interestingly, Mr Tootill had a custom job completed on his DPF filter, he clearly knows his way around cars!

Modified DPF Filter

Once all the installation work is complete we always thorough test the vehicle to make sure there are no underlying problems or issues before releasing the vehicle back to the customer

BMW 525D engine replacement complete

Mr Tootill is now enjoying a well deserved break with his wife in their summer house in Spain 🙂

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