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Internet Radio App Pandora in Your Car Likely to Chew Up Huge Internet Data

Internet Radio App Pandora in Your Car Likely to Chew Up Huge Internet Data

In line with introducing high-end applications in the latest cars, almost all brands are agile on adding advanced internet radio app Pandora in their cars, with Hyundai introducing the same on the updated i30.

Previously, some other automobile brands – Ford, Mazda, Holden, and Subaru – have already made the service available in their cars. But the new application can consume more of your mobile phone internet plan, if it streams music online.  Rick Gleave, director of automotive partnerships Pandora, says that it all depends on your hand-held device or your smartphone’s settings that how the radio app can consume the internet data; generally it streams at 32 to 64 kbps.

He further adds that Pandora users generally utilize the application in their car for only 6 hrs per month, which costs them only 84MB in a month.

But the valuation assessed by Mr. Rick Gleave appears to be unclear a little. Auto-experts believe that it will consume approximately 560MB per month, if you are using the application on a 2-hr round-trip travel. And once your consumption goes out of the given limits, you will pay an arm and a leg for your mobile internet plan.

Instead of its amazing experience, the internet radio app Pandora may cause a blow to the car owners, if it is not used properly.

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