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Mercedes C250 2.2 diesel Engine Replacement for Mr Fisher

Mercedes C250 2.2 diesel Engine Replacement for Mr Fisher

Mr Fisher came to us with a 2010 Mercedes C250 2.2 diesel which needed an urgent engine replacement as he wanted it back before he set off on his holiday to Tenerife.

With engine replacement jobs we often find that a number of additional components can also suffer failure as a result of the damage to the engine. In this case the engine had overheated so much that it had literally melted the plastic inlet manifold.

If you are having a replacement engine fitted, always be sure to get your mechanic/garage to check all engine bolt-on components thoroughly for any issues as well as connecting hoses and pipes. Also, while the engine is out get your garage to check your flywheel and clutch for regular wear, because if they need replacing its far easier to do so while the engine is out and garages will often do the fitting for you for free.

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